Day One-We’re off!

After Jim’s surprise 65th Bday this weekend (complete with propeller beanie) and 52 trips loading the RV, we left this morning– nearly on time.  We’re still trying to wrap our arms around doing this for two months!  

Our first two days are geared to getting to a major stop in St Louis, with 400 miles today and 360 tomorrow.  West Virginia is a lush green and the capitol gleamed as we zipped by. Tonight we’re in a quiet park in Milton, WV, just outside Charleston, near the Kanawha (kuh-NAW) River.   The river is part of the New River system in southwestern Virginia, flowing to the Mississippi.  This is THE oldest river system in North America and second only to the Nile in the world. Plus it is one of the few major rivers flowing northward.  

Tomorrow we’re off to Carmi Illinois then to St Louis to check out the arch and to sample a “must stop” chicken restaurant.



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