Day Two- To Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri

Another long day- with the added bonus of heavy rain much of the day. We went through “Justified” country in Kentucky, but unfortunatrly, no Timothy Oliphant sightings.  On the plus side, I finally drove the RV on the open road!  Ya, ya…  It was all interstate, but I truly believe most of the 18 wheelers from miles around flocked there to mock the newbee.  So driving a big rig (that would be us–since we’re almost 50 feet pulling the dinghy car) is interesting to say the least. Anyhow, we now have 2 drivers–as long as we stay on major roads.

Kentucky and Illinois still have serious flooding.  Lakes with water lapping the edge of the interstate are really flooded farms and fields.  The banks of the Wabash are EVERYWHERE!  


We opted out of a Wallmart lot–they let you park RVs there overnight–and went on to Scott AFB RV camp.  Almost idylic on a lake. We’ll head in to St Louis later in the morning.




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