Day 11- Monticello, UT and Canyonlands

Canyonland was amazing.  We’re getting into the rock formations and vistas that define this part of the Southwest.  

Our first stop was Newspaper Rock–petroglyphs etched into sandstone from BC to about AD1300- no one is sure if it was a “message board,” doodling, an ancient “graffiti” rock or something else….  The Navajo call the rock “Tse Hane” or rock that tells a story.


Next we came across a major rock climbing site–the formation was alive with people working their way up the sheer walls–look hard to see the climbers in the first shot…while you’re looking check out the fantastic desert varnish (dark areas) on the rocks.


We saw world-class vistas at every turn–it took us about 4 hours to go 40 miles.



One formation struck me as the Manhattan skyline…


Another rotten day in nature’s Disneyland–the pups are loving the trip–up close and personal meetings with cattle, horses, deer, lizards, and who knows what other “animal fragrances” they’re reading on their “newspaper rocks.”


Check in tomorrow for an update from the Natural Bridges!



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