May 24th- to Cannonville, Utah

We left for our next stop, Cannonville, under heavy clouds and more cold showers. 


We took a break in a quiet spot called Rocky Ford.


There, we saw a bit of the impact all the rain has had on the area—this little stream was thundering through.  You could feel the power of Mother Nature in your core…and she seemed to be sending a message…


The storm clouds followed us off and on most of the day…this curtain came down outside Panguitch.


When the sun finally broke out, we were just entering the Bryce Canyon area.  Red Rock Canyon gave us delightful sample of our next few days.  We’ll be back!


We made it to our RV camp right at the base of more sandstone mountains—these have a horizontal candy cane stripe running through the middle. 


We hit the hills immediately.  The dogs loved checking out the prairie dog burrows.  No worry…our pups were no match.  Those little guys scampered all around the edges of the rocks and I don ‘t think the dogs even caught a glimpse of them.


The rain brought blossoms everywhere in the desert.  We never did get the name of this plant that dotted the hillsides behind our camp–the flowers looked like tiny orchids. The leaves and seed pods look like Blue Bonnets.  Anyone know what they are?



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