May 27th- Off to Bryce Canyon’s Main Park

May 27th and the start of the Memorial Day Weekend. 

 We had the RV Park almost to ourselves this whole time—now it’s filling fast, and with a great number of rental RVs.  Listening to the folks around, many are from Europe.  The camp owners said Germans, Dutch, and the Brits seem to be the predominant visitors from across the pond that take to traveling the southwest by RV.  Since it’s Memorial Weekend, we also have numerous Harleys, some trailing tents-on-wheels.  We have Rolling Thunder, too! 

As I mentioned before, we planned to go back to the main Bryce Canyon National Park as a ho-hum—we were in the area and couldn’t not go.  We weren’t expecting to be dazzled, since we had been there before and had seen so many other glorious natural wonders in this area. Well, it knocked our socks off!

First stop was Sunset Point and the Bryce Amphitheater.  WOW!  It really is amazing—these pictures just don’t do it justice.




We walked the same path to the top we walked with our friends years earlier and even came across a mountain short-horned lizard.


Farview point lived up to its name—with the Black Mountains, Navajo Mountain, then all the way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  (The Ranger told us so! It’s out there somewhere—maybe if someone shot off a rocket?)


I loved Aqua Point—the hoodoos looked like ships and ancient mariners…and another grand view.



“Nevermore!”      Ponderosa Point had a special attraction—Ravens came to visit.  These birds gave me a glimpse of their intelligence and agility before—one unzipped and EMPTIED my backpack (looking for food) on our snowmobiling trip in Yellowstone a few years ago.  This one loved a few bites of dog kibble, flew off and immediately brought back several of his buddies. No more snacks, but they still provided a great show,  What was he thinking?


Rainbow Point, at the top of the canyon, is 9100 feet.  Took us a just a bit longer to hike through these trails. (Glad it’s just the altitude affecting us!)


We loved seeing snow on Bristlecone Trail at 60 degrees.  Locals said this was the worst winter they’ve had in a long time.


Then we headed back to Inspiration Point—past a great group pf aspen, just leafing out.


A great day–an unexpected joy.


Tomorrow we break and head for an overnight in Provo, Utah before heading to Island Park, Idaho, just outside West Yellowstone.  This will give us a chance to go back to another past haunt–our four days snowmobiling through the park.  Can’t wait to see what it looks like without snow!




2 thoughts on “May 27th- Off to Bryce Canyon’s Main Park

  1. WOW! After coming back on our summer road trip to the Telluride Film Festival, we think you all should make a film! Stopped in Santa Fe and wish I had won the lottery….art, turquoise, and the homes! We are home for 10 days and off to Ireland. More pics of the pups. Every time we passed an RV with bikes we turned around to see if it was y’all.Love to the four of you,

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