Iceland Day 8, July 28 – On to the waterfalls

We’re happy to be in our Myvatn hotel for three days…a nice chance to chill.  Outside our hotel horses graze at the edge of the lake.  Very peaceful. 


The lake is is right outside our hotel and it’s filled with birds.  This Slovakian Grebe family kept us entertained for more than an hour. If you look closely, you’ll see two babies hiding on the dad’s back.  The momma bird fishes and you can see her bringing a tiny fish for one of the chicks.


Myvatn Lake is shallow, barely 4 M in a few spots, so very peaceful.  Not even kayaks.  Definitely no jet skis.  There’s a healthy wind but that doesn’t stop hoards of tenting campers and many pop-up RVs.  Icelanders are ourdoors people!  

Yea! We have blue skies again!


 We head out to the waterfalls at Dettifoss, There are actually three water falls in this desolate area of sharp-edged lava rocks, dramtically showing the basalt formation.


 We first come to Selfoss.  This is a powerful waterfall but only a warm up for Dettifoss.  Check out the tiny figures overlooking the falls on the left.  .


The mist from these falling waters create fantastic micro-climates.  We actually found what looks to be an orchid wildflower at the edge.


 The main attraction, the Dentifoss waterfall, has Europe’s most powerful flow.  The people on the edge help show its immense size. 



The sound reverberated through us.  No clear glacial water here–it was a dark gray and almost mesmerizing as it seemed to form geometric patterns. Plus the mist rose forming eerie smoky patterns.


The last waterfall was way off the beaten path just above a small cobalt-blues pool formed by water finding its way through the lava rock.  Hikers even found their way to the bottom of this area.


John thought of taking a quicker way down…


After dinner, we relaxed at the Myvatn Nature Baths, northern Iceland’s Blue Lagoon mineral baths. Black sand lined the bottom of opaque cobalt blue water and you could feel the “healing” minerals (the water felt slippery, possibly alkali)  and a strong sulfur scent permeated the air.  We had to remove all silver…the water would turn those metals black.  (The hot water in the hotel shower even darkened my silver jewelry)

It was amazing how bright it was in the pool at 10 PM


We actually caught another small sunset on the way home–this was 11 PM!


Join us tomorrow as we tour the lake area!




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