Iceland Day 12, August 1 – To Isafjordur

We head deeper into the Westfjords, glaciers, more wind, barren landscape and definitely colder temperatures on our way to Isafjordur.

We skirt the water inlets filled with large numbers of birds, including more Hooper Swans.


 As we travel  it’s 10 degrees C (50 F) in strong winds.  We stopped at a sod-roof old farm house the family has turned in to a kaffi and waffle stop.  


They had many of the old kitchen, weaving and woodworking tools used by their family since the turn of the century..1892.  They said the Iceland Museum Association came to them asking to restore and run the old house, to show visitors how settlers lived.

As we had our snack, the grandson also answered some of our questions.


–The drift wood- some huge logs- found all along the fjords in this area are an important source of wood.  The Norwegians stripped Iceland of all trees to build their ships.  The locals build with the huge quantities of driftwood that floats in from Russia.

–He also explained we see churches everywhere because farmers were paid to build a church when Christianity first came to the country…he said many have never been used.


Luckily, as we left, we found a small colony of seals on the fjord rocks down the road. Unluckily, the wind started blowing to about 60 K as we tried to snap a photo. 


We are amazed at the picnic tables perched all along the roads all over the country, even in this area that often has gale-force winds.  The Icelandic people relish their outdoors.

 We hit Isafjorfur on the Shop Keepers Holiday Monday.  Everything’s closed so we walked the town, chilled and planned tomorrow’s adventures.


The town is fairly large and quite modern.


Out our hotel window we see two huge “pipes” in the mountian at the edge of town.  These are roads–tunnels– dug through tons of rock.



We plan to go through one tomorrow as we go to ride Icelandic ponies along the fjord!



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