Iceland Day 13, August 2 – Riding Icelandic Ponies

Today we woke to gray skies, heavy gusts and sprinkles.  This is possibly our one day to ride Islandic ponies so we headed out to Pingeyri and met Wouter for a ride around the local fjord.  


The skies never cleared but we dressed warmly and had a fantastic ride through streams and moving into their unique tolt gait along the beach.


These horses are fantastic to ride- smooth, great dispositions and known as especially sure-footed.  i love the way he cared for his horses.  What a treat, even if it did begin to rain as we ended the ride!


On the way back to Isafjorfur,  we had soup and dessert waffles in the busy Simbahollin Cafe in Pingeyri.  A converted old house, this was definitely worth the stop, particularly after a chilly morning on horseback.  They had the best kaffi, too!

On the way back to the hotel, we checked out the town of Flateyri, at the foot of a large mountain. It was buried by a snow flood (aka avalanche) about 10 years ago.  We wanted to see the engineering (more steam shovel work!) Iceland financed to prevent further loss of life.  These people are amazing.  They created an earthen dam to divert any future snow floods.


After looking through the shops in Isafjorfur (again disappointing–everthing was off-the-charts expensive and prices seem to be fixed across the country), we set off to a fantastic fresh fish buffet at Tjouruhusi.  


This is one of the 10 Best restaurants in Iceland and it certainly lived up to it’s reputation.  Salted cod, halibut, plaice and ocean catfish/ wolf-fish…all superb with great side dishes and salads.  


It’s appropriately housed in an old fish warehouse, serving the catches of the day.   (You get what you get and it doesn’t get any better than this!)


This was a buffet and you pay your bill by making your way to the register and telling them what you had, including if you had any wine.  Just wonderful. 

Tomorrow we are finally expecting great weather as we head over the narrow dirt road and shear cliffs toward Latrabjarg, Iceland’s largest sea cliff.  The drive is supposed to be a real challenge.  We are hoping for  huge numbers of puffins and other sea birds; we’re also hoping the winds die down so we’re not blown off “the edge of the world.”

Catch you tomorrow.





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