On to Massachusetts–revisiting childhood memories…


Now we’re starting the major part of out trip.  We’re going to visit my childhood haunts in Cohasset, Massachusetts, then take the RV out of the US and tour Canada for a month.

The trip got interesting right away—remember the kid’s book Make Way for Ducklings?  Our first stop that morning was a fuel stop that was home to about 50 feathered friends.  Somehow, the birds figured out the truckers are good for some easy chow so they wander between the rigs and the big 18 wheelers were unbelievably careful when they left.


We skirted New York–no RVs on the Jersey Pike– then went through Hartford with its great old buildings—


We camped at Normandy Farms RV park in Foxboro, MA—a great stop and right by the Patriot’s Gillette Stadium.   And it had the best dog park ever–it really was a park.  We immediately headed off to Cohasset to see if I could find some of the places I remembered from grade school.


I found the first home locked in my memory.   Not having been back to the area since third grade, I was amazed– I did recognized it.  But  Geeze—it seemed like the lawn was so much bigger.  (Or maybe I was just smaller….)


Down the road we came to Black Rock Beach.    Still a beautiful location. 


I remember watching a rescue from that island house during high seas.  Before cell phones, they had to fly the Stars and Stripes upside down to signal they were in trouble.


We also found my second house.  It  had an interesting history–it was on a huge estate broken up for houses.  The animal buildings had two foot rock walls with roof lines reminescent of Old English thatch.  Ours was the renovated chicken coop and we shared a cul-de-sac with the duck house.  Who were these people?  As one of the first families on the place, the whole estate was empty back them–now the massive rhododendrons and grape arbors I loved have been replaced by houses…You can go back, but it sure ain’t the same!


Following along memory lane, I found the local swimming beach, Sandy Beach.  Old New England—again before indoor rec centers, I remember freezing in Red Cross swimming lessons here.  Check out the sea grass—so different from what we saw in South Carolina!


Cohasset harbor was still packed with boats. 


The Minot Light, however, was a newer addition.


We headed down to the center of town and immediately came to St. Stephens Church on the promontory overlooking the Common. 


 What’s a Common?  The name probably comes from “common area” but in my mind, and it still seems today, it’s the center of the town.  Meeting House Pond used to be the local ice skating spot.   It’s pretty spiffed-up now so kids probably can’t skate here any more.   


Still a center for many town activities, the Town Hall and various churches ring hte area.


This day we found a farmers market—great organic produce.  Unfortunately, I forgot we were going to Canada in two days—more to come on that!


Back at the RV, we catch Mother Nature’s curve ball…

Our plan was to head to Maine and enter Canada, first touring the Maritimes, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.  Hurricane Isabel changed all that.  As we were getting ready to leave, she was forcast on a path to catch up with us and shadow—or drown—our eastern trip.  High winds don’t mix well with a big cheese box on wheels–plus our sight seeing would take a huge hit in all the rain.

Luckily, traveling by RV gives us max flexibility.  So we headed west toward Niagara Falls, reversing our trip to escape Isabel’s wrath.  On the interstate, we passed huge convoys of utility trucks heading to help storm-damaged areas.


Next, we’ll see you at the Falls!



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