We lost more hours traveling east and, after an easy trip, landed in Delhi wide-awake at 1:00 AM their time.  Our Natural Habitat driver met us at the airport and we had a quick trip to the Taj Mahal Hotel (no traffic jams at this hour but there were still plenty of cars).



Not much sightseeing in the dark and tomorrow will be an early start as we tour Delhi in 43 degree C heat.  Our driver said it’s not too bad now–it’s a dry heat.  (We’ve heard THAT before!  It’s still way too hot.) It was pretty warm as we left the airport tonight!   Delhi was built under British colonialism and has all the round-abouts and 4-lane streets with overhanging tree canopies.  In this elegant embassy area, passing two camels being ridden down the street seems out of place.  Our driver thinks they probably were hired for a wedding.  

The Taj Mahal Hotel is lovely.


However, all cars are stopped at the gate where the engine is opened and the under carriage is checked.  Our luggage goes through a scanner much like the airport and we walk through metal detectors to enter.  All this is a response to the terrorist bombings at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai.  

We make it to bed by 3 AM.  

 At 7:30–after a short night– we take in a morning view of the city from our balcony.


At 8: 45, our group of six load our mini-bus and set off  with our guide in weekend Delhi traffic.




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